Abraham K. Golladay

52nd Virginia Infantry
Company A (Augusta Fencibles)

Son of John Golladay Jr. and Ann Smith
Husband of Sarah ?

Abraham was married with one daughter when he enlisted at Staunton on 18 July 1861. He was shown as 36 years old, which was old for an infantryman.

Abraham was shown as present with his unit from November 1861 until April 1862.

Abraham was absent sick from 18 June 1862 until 31 December 1862. He was shown on the hospital muster roll at the General Hospital in Liberty, Virginia in September and October of 1862 . He was also shown at the C.S.A. General Hospital in Charlottesville on 13 January 1863 with debilitas (weakness), but he returned to duty the next day on January 14.

He was present from January until June 1863.

On 06 July 1863, just a few days after the Battle of Gettysburg was over, Abraham was listed as absent without leave. There is no further record of any military service.

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