Josiah C. Golladay

191 Ohio Infantry
Company I

5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
Company A

Josiah appears to have been somewhat of a rogue. He enlisted in the Confederate army, deserted and then near the end of the war, he enlisted in the Union army. Josiah was born around 1823. His pension application states that he "emigrated to Kentucky from Virginia before the war for seriously wounding a man in a fight." It is not yet been proven as to how Josiah fits into the Golladay family tree, but he likely is the fourth son of Frederick Golladay Sr. of Augusta County. This son was listed as Joseph in the 1850 census, but this could have been a spelling error. Frederick moved from Virginia to western Ohio.

Josiah enlisted in the Kentucky Mounted Infantry on 10 Sep 1862 at Falmouth, Kentucky. He quickly deserted on 06 Oct 1862 at Harrodsburg, Kentucky.

Josiah switched sides and joined the Union army on 17 Feb 1865 at Cincinnati. Josiah was listed as 5' 7" in height with light complexion and blue eyes. Josiah would have been around 42 years old when he enlisted and it was noted that his Company was composed of mostly old men. It was at organized at Camp Chase, Ohio. From April to August in 1865, the regiment was stationed in the Shenandoah Valley in vicinity of Winchester, Stevenson's Depot and Jordan's Springs. It performed guard duty under General Hancock.

Josiah mustered out on 27 Aug 1865 at Winchester, Virginia along with the rest of his unit. The regiment discharged on 05 September 1865.

His pension application stated he suffered an ankle sprain and dislocation during a drill at the end of June 1865 at Stevenson's Station in Frederick County, Virginia. Josiah indicated he also suffered from deafness, loss of right eye, and rheumatism of his legs, back and hips. It mentions "the cold, chilly rains and snow" in Virginia in March and April, 1865, and of having to endure camp without tents, overcoats, or blankets.

The 1870 census lists a "Joseph Golliday" living in Kenton County, Kentucky who was born in Virginia . In all probability this is Josiah C. Golladay, as he was the only Golladay that lived in the part of Kentucky near Cincinnati. The census shows his wife Mary, a twelve year old daughter Virginia, a nine year old son Stonewall Jackson, a seven year old daughter Tennessee, and a three year old son named Robert Lee. The naming of his sons "Robert Lee" and "Stonewall Jackson" indicates that Josiah likely was a Southern sympathizer.

When Josiah filed a pension application in 1888, he was living in DeMossville, Kentucky in Pendleton County with George Warren. George was one of his comrades in the Ohio Infantry. What happened to Josiah's family is not currently known.

On 04 March 1891, the Ohio newspaper "The Clermont Sun" reported Josiah as still living in DeMossville and collecting a pension of $16 per month.

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