Letter written in 1864 by Samuel C. Golladay

From the camp of the 35th Battalion Virginia Cavalry

Confederate soldier Samuel C. Golladay wrote this letter to Lydia McInturff. It was written from camp in Augusta County, Virginia.

Camp near Waynesboro
Augusta Cty, Va

April 30 (18)64 

My intended Lydia,

I received your letter this morning and it was perused with the greatest pleasure imaginable. I had almost come to the conclusion that you had forgotten me and am very glad to learn that and that you are in good health and fine spirit this Saturday evening. Just three weeks since I saw you and it seems to me almost three months.

I would almost give my interest in heaven to be with you tonight and tomorrow night. I suppose that you are not aware that we moved down to old Augusta, but we haven't had any tents since we came to this camp. And we have been ordered over the Ridge twice and the other night, we started at 9 o'clock and went some three miles and was ordered back to camp again. And now we have orders to be ready to move at sunup in the morning. Oh if only you could march with me.

We are going to Wolftown in Madison County and it not more than likely that we will get into a hard fight in a few days. And god only knows whither we shall ever meet again, but I hope that god will spare me to enjoy some of the past and a great many more of the future happiness. Oh it would be my hearts delight to be at tomorrow to go with you to church. Oh if I could place my hand in the position it was the last time I was privileged of being with you and if only that lilly white hand of yours could wipe a tear from my eyes in the hour of trouble.

I am not able to say when I will get home but if I ever live get home, I think I shall see whither our getting married would be agreeable to both parties. But I hope it is all right and if it is, I think we will put things through this summer some time. Well I must close. I hope you will excuse me for not righting (writing) more for it is now getting dark and I must close. I will not be in a big hurry the next time. Right (Write) soon and all will be right.

Letter from the Loy Golladay Collection, courtesy of Thomas R. Golladay family

Note: Commas, periods and paragraph breaks have been added to the above letter for readability. However, they were not in the original letter.

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