Letter written by Mollie Yerger

This letter was written to Martha Golladay asking about the health and safety of Martha's husband George Shall Golladay.

Jackson, Nov 25th 1864

 My dear cousin Martha,

You will no doubt be surprised at receiving this letter from me, but I am all alone anxiously expecting the Yankees and thought I would write to inquire after George. I met cousin George on his way after him and as I didn't see him on his return, thought perhaps George was worse.

Mr. Yerger said he could not hear any thing from him, but I do hope he is better and that you have him with you, although I have never seen him, still I feel interested for your and cousin's George's sake. Mr. Yerger and myself both feel for you when we heard he was so sick. Emma and myself often talk of our stay with you & of your and Davidella's kindness and hospitality to us. I feel very sad and nervous as you may imagine - Mr. Yerger being away and looking for the Yankees every minute. All my servants have left, but the still faithful Winnie.

I do hope it will not be long before this horrid war will close and I can be permitted to return to my own home where, if I can not have of luxuries I can at least have some comforts. I know I have your sympathy in my afflictions - answer this, give my best love to all of your family. Emma sends much love also.

Yours truly and affectionately,
Mollie Y(erger)

Note: periods and paragraph breaks have been added to the above letter for readability. However, they were not in the original letter.

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