Isaac Golladay

63rd Indiana Infantry
Company F


128th Indiana Infantry
Company K

Isaac was eighteen years old when enlisted in the 63rd Indiana Infantry Regiment on 17 October 1863. He remained in this regiment until after the war and then on 15 June 1865, he transferred into the128th Indiana Infantry Regiment.

Isaac mustered out on 10 April 1866.

Isaac was 87 years old when he died on 01 November 1932.

"Isaac GOL(L)ADAY, the last survivor of the Civil War Veterans of Walnut Township was killed on Thursday afternoon in New Ross. He was very deaf and walked on the Big Four track just as a passenger train was approaching."

- from the "Waveland Independent" of Waveland, Indiana on November 4, 1932

US flag   Buried at: New Ross cemetery in New Ross (Montgomery County), Indiana   US flag

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