Thomas Theodore Golladay

37th Indiana Infantry
Company G
Hospital Steward

Son of Peter H. Golladay and Eliza Doughty

Thomas lived in Franklin County, Indiana and he enlisted on 15 October 1861 as a Private. He was shown as having a dark complexion with black eyes and black hair. He was listed as 5’ 5” in height.

While serving in the Union army, Thomas wrote the following poem to his parents back home:

"I'm far away—yes, far from home-
But yet I feel I'm not alone.
No, God is with me, day by day,
To comfort me and cheer my way.

And, though the way seems dark and rough,
He's promised he'll give grace enough
To keep my head above the wave,
And me from every danger save.

Sometimes my faith begins to fail,
When Satan does my path assail;
But when I go to God, in prayer,
He says, I will thy burden bear.

But oft I think of friends at home,
And tears, unbidden, seem to come,
Because that I no more may see
Those friends who say they care for me.

But, if on earth we meet no more,
God grant we may on Canaan's shore:
Where Jesus is may we all be,
To spend a blest eternity.

I hope that you for me will pray
That God will cheer me on my way;
That living, I may praise His name,
Then death to me will be great gain."

Thomas died of disease on 25 March 1863 near Nashville, Tennessee. Military records at the Nashville National Cemetery say that Thomas was initially buried there. However, the records of the "Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War" show that Thomas was reburied in the Glen Haven Cemetery in Harrison, Ohio.

His mother Eliza M. Golladay filed pension application on 06 Nov 1884 based on Thomas's service.

US flag   Buried at: Glen Haven Cemetery in Harrison (Hamilton County), Ohio   US flag

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