Uriah Pierson Golliday

Holy Bible 34th Iowa Infantry

Son of Benjamin Golliday and Ruth Ballard
Husband of Lucinda McColm
Christian cross
Soldier of the Cross

Uriah was born on 24 February 1810 in Hillsborough (Highland County), Ohio. He was called "Pierson" as a boy. Uriah was living in Brown County, Ohio when he met and married Lucinda McColm on 07 January 1829.

He received a degree of M. D. from the Rush Medical College of Chicago and became medical doctor. In 1854, he stopped the practice of medicine to enter into the ministry.

Uri was 52 years old and lived in Garden Grove (Decatur County), Iowa when he was appointed Chaplain of 34th Iowa Infantry on 05 Oct 1862. He mustered in 03 Nov 1862. On 13 March 1863, Uri resigned in St. Louis, Missouri.

Uri "then resigned because those in command refused or neglected to heed his earnest exhortations that they give their soldiers protection from the purveyors of vice and drunkenness..."

- from "Annals of Iowa" by Samuel Storrs Howe, Theodore Sutton Parvin, Frederick Lloyd, page 56 (1945)

Uri wrote a booklet that was published during the war called "Was Christ Baptized as an Example for Us?: The Substance of a Discourse Preached in Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa, February 26th 1865" (Iowa State Register Book and Job Office).

In 1874, Uri was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree from Simpson Centenary College in Indianola, Iowa. He then became the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church in Lenox.

On 16 February 1886, Uri filed a pension application based on his Civil War service.

"He suffered much during his declining years, but was ceaselessly active. He did much for Methodism in its formative period in Iowa. He was noted in earlier years for very forcible preaching ability, was of strong argumentative qualities, and had a fertile brain and great powers of endurance. He saw his Conference grow from 40 pastoral charges, with 7,879 members in 1860, to 182 pastoral charges, with 31,300 members, in 1890. He was a lifelong student of peculiar activity. Simpson College conferred on him the honorary degree of D.D. His last days on earth were characterized by intensity of pain."

- from Uriah's obituary in the "Minutes of the annual conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church" (1890)

Uri died on 05 January 1890 in Lenox. His wife Julia was living in Michigan when she filed for a widow's pension on 25 August 1890.

US flag   Buried at: Bedford Cemetery in Taylor County, Iowa   US flag

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