Davidella (Golladay) Lake

Wife of George Lake

Davidella was born in Grenada on 21 August 1842. Davidella apparently had a good sense of humor. This is demonstrated in a letter where Davidella noted that one of her male cousins wasn't as good looking as she was, but followed up with:

"Pardon my vanity, Uncle Sam, I say it only in jest, for Pa Pa says until the blacksmith hammers down my nose, I will always look like Uncle Fred's old sweetheart Mila Hegerty. No accounting for tastes."

Davidella Golladay, 21 March 1859

In the autumn of 1859, Davidella took a trip on a train with friends to the Mississippi state fair.

Davidella's letter from Jackson in 1859

When Davidella was almost eighteen years old, she took to trip to New York and other Northern states. While the start of the Civil War was only months away, there is no mention of any tensions in her letter.

Davidella's letter from Niagara Falls in 1860

Davidella was married George Lake in Golladay Hall on 27 December 1866 and she lived there until she died suddenly of a heart attack died on 06 February 1891 at age 48.

"Besides rare intelligence and business accomplishments, she was a sincere Christian woman, having in 1875 gave her heart to God, and from that time she never forgot her obligations to the Methodist Church, or refused allegiance to Christ, her Savior."

The Grenada Sentinel (February 14, 1891)

Grave of Davidella Golladay

Davidella's ornate grave in the Odd Fellows cemetery in Grenada

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