Martha (Harper) Golladay

Wife of George Shall Golladay

Martha's mother was Eliza Scurlock. Eliza's first husband was a Harper and her second husband was Curtis Haywood Guy, a wealthy planter in Grenada. Martha's half-brother Leander Guy was killed defending Atlanta during Sherman's attack.

Letter to Martha from her Sister-in-Law concerning of the death of Leander Guy

The following mention of Martha is from an article about the sale of the George Shall Golladay mansion in Mississippi in 1954:

An interesting sidelight, Mrs. George Golladay, who died suddenly December 26, 1866, was dressed in the dress which had been prepared as the wedding dress of her daughter, Miss Davidella who actually married Mr. George Lake on December 27, 1866.

The Grenada County Weekly (Thursday, March 18, 1954)

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