Asian DNA of Mathilda Hart Golladay

Charlotte Golladay Bryant was the granddaughter of John Pearson Golladay and Mathilda Hart. An autosomal DNA test indicated that Charlotte's ethnicity was 3% Asian. Mathilda always told her Golladay children that she was part American Indian and she certainly looked as if this were true. Years later Mathilda's son Bill would tell his children about his mother's raven black hair. However, DNA analysis revealed a surprise. Mathilda did not have an American Indian ancestor, but she did have one from south Central Asia.

 Mathilda Hart Golladay
Mathilda Hart Golladay

Asian DNA of Charlotte Golladay Bryant

3% Asian ethnic makeup of Charlotte Golladay Bryant (from Family Tree DNA)

Some Grayson County family traditions were that Mathilda Hart Golladay's grandmother Nancy Brunk had German Jewish ancestry. This may or may not be true, but the Family Tree DNA test did not indicate Jewish ethnicity.

Each parent contributes 50% of their DNA to a child. However due to genetic recombination, the DNA contribution from one grandparent may be more or less than the other grandparent. But the combined number must equal 50% from each pair of grandparents. So the calculation below is not precise and is only an approximation shown for purposes of researching which ancestor contributed the 3% portion of Charlotte's Asian DNA.

Charlotte's autosomal DNA

50% from her father William Benton Golladay
25% from his mother Mathilda Hart Golladay
12.5% from Mathilda's mother Mary (Polly) Wooldridge
6.25% from Mary's mother Nancy Brunk
3.1% from Nancy Brunk's mother

The parentage of Nancy Brunk has not been proved. Could she have been the daughter of Christopher Brunk and Mary Burkhart? Burkhart is a Jewish name, but this surname is also used by German Christians. A DNA test of a female who has descended from the female lineage of Nancy Brunk may solve the mystery of the Asian genes.

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