Death of Medora Golladay in 1858

"Died on the 7th, Medora, daughter of George S. and Martha Golladay, aged 9 years."

- from The Mississippi Baptist (April 15, 1858)

Two notes tell of the sadness caused by Medora's death.

Dear Friends,

I have a desire you should attend our prayer meeting tonight? Your hearts are so filled with sorrow, that no doubt you would now receive more full satisfaction in listening to hearty sincere prayers than anything that earth can afford. Your influence is great, and let the cause of truth and right have the benefit of it.

I heartily pray God may sanctify your afflictions to your everlasting peace. In order that you may go out tonight, Mr. Donkin and myself will keep your children company. Will you not go?

Do not think me any wise officious. I only desire your greatest good. I intend with Mrs. Pearson to walk out to Esqr. Hankins this afternoon, otherwise I would go round instead of sending this note.

Please send word by Mary.

Yours truly,
Kate Donkin

Grenada, Apr. 23rd (1858)

Note: Kate Donkin (1818-1906) and her husband George (1821-1871) are buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery in Grenada

A little dress no longer needed:

Mrs. Howard,

Here is a little dress pattern I bought for my loved little girl in Memphis - As she is no more I want to give it to one of her little companions - If it is enough for your little girl Hellen's dress, will you accept it?

Very respectfully,
Geo. S. Golladay

These two notes are in Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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